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When you click on Capture from the top-left corner, you’ll see a host of other features to choose from, such as screen recording, screenshot delay, scrolling capture, and so on. Of course, you don’t have to settle with the default applications. Since we’re talking about Windows, there are plenty of quality, professional apps out there for you, available for free.

If you frequently don’t shut down your laptop correctly, after a while, Windows will automatically start in safe mode when your laptop tries to boot. To avoid this, rather than just closing your laptop, take your time to shut it down properly. The process will lead you to a boot tab, and you can continue from there. Press and hold the shift key of your keyboard when the Windows 10 sign-in screen appears on your laptop. To start windows on Safe mode without any Program , Restart Windows 8 or 10 by holding the Shift key down while you click the “Restart” button. After a while, you will be taken to the automatic repair screen.

The Game Bar

If you still need help with the PC boot then check out Tenorshare Windows Boot Genius software. Here move to the Boot tab, check http://driversol.com/drivers/hp/ the checkbox next to Safe boot, and then click on OK. Whether you have messed up Windows configuration or a virus prevents you from using the system, Windows safe mode is your best bet to solve all such problems. Safe Mode is a basic diagnostic mode in Windows that enables PC users to troubleshoot problems like hardware trouble or software conflicts. If your PC is in a bad state, and you can’t even get beyond a blank screen (or it’s completely crashed) you still have a way to get to safe mode.

That way, you can launch each driver or program as needed so you can identify the problem and troubleshoot accordingly without interference from other applications. Once you have msconfig open, navigate to the Boot tab at the top and untick Safe boot under Boot options. Click Apple and then OK – you’ll be prompted to restart your machine to apply the changes. If you’re not prompted manually restart the PC and you will now be out of Safe Mode. If your PC is not booting into “Choose an Option” screen then go back to the Windows sign-in screen and restart the PC while pressing the “Shift” key.

How to boot in Safe Mode: Windows 10

It does not save screenshots by default, however. Instead, you must click on the Cloud icon parked next to the System Clock (or in the Hidden Icons menu marked with an upward-facing arrow). The best and easiest way to capture a Windows 10 screen is the Print Screen key. This can be done just by pressing the PrtScn button given on the upper right side of the keyboard, open MS Paint, paste the screenshot, and save it.

Now, with the game bar enabled, you can begin your screen recording and record game clips of your favorite game. Once you have captured the screenshot, Snip & Sketch app will open and you will see your screenshot. Here you can add annotations with a ballpoint pen, a pencil, or a highlighter. You can erase them using the eraser and you can also use a ruler to make the annotations in the angles you want. There is also the option to crop the screenshot. When you have selected one of them, you will be able to take the screenshot you want, be it a rectangle, a freeform, a particular window, or a full screen screenshot.