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During the lead-up to launch, I regularly heard words like “calm,” “focused,” and “freedom” to describe how Windows’ new look is intended to make users feel. Is both remarkably complex and way too short, since it’s limited chiefly to CPUs released since 2018. Here are more details on what a TPM is and why it matters for Windows 11 as well as how to check if your PC has a TPM.

Video Game Recording with Zero Lagging – You can significantly benefit from HitPaw video game recording support if you are a game content creator. HitPaw utilizes hardware acceleration optimally and efficiently to deliver a smooth game recording experience. We have a better alternative to all of the above screen recorders, and it can record part of the screen exceptionally well. You can even rely on the Windows 10 Xbox Screen Recording feature. However, you can’t access download here the Xbox recording tool as a standalone program as it requires the Xbox app to be launched along with it.

Easy Ways to Record Screen on Windows 10

You can find the recorded video with the audio you set in the output folder. To make your recorded video be with audio, you need to record the audio in advance. Then, tick “Play another media synchronously” and click “Browse…” to find the needed audio file. Besides, it is supported on Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 and can record live steaming, Zoom meetings, etc. even without permission.

This multitasking is aero snap features of Windows OS which is enabled default in Windows 10 using Windows Snap Assist Setting. Get Mosaic, the most robust split view tool. Tons of layout arrangements and ease of use while managing windows on Mac. But what if you could split your screen now just in two, but more parts? What if you had custom layouts for various tasks?

Uninstall apps Windows 10

The revamped Task Manager is the main focus, with author Mayank Parmar describing it as “brand new”. It features a new design language more in keeping with the rest of Windows 11, with simple tabs allowing for easier navigation. Indeed, a September 2021 Windows Latest article suggested drag-and-drop functionality would make a return at some point. The company says it’s listening to user feedback, so the negative reaction to its removal will surely have made an impression.

Whether you have two apps to remove or twenty-two, there are several ways to have your PC freshened up in just a few minutes. We don’t mean cleaning the housing — we’re talking about cleaning out all those old programs that clog up your disk with old files and take up more space than they were ever worth. Whether it is a desktop program, a Windows 8-style Modern app or a new-fangled Universal app, there’s one simple way to remove it. Here’s how to uninstall any program in Windows 10, even if you don’t know what kind of app it is. If the program you want to remove isn’t listed in Command Prompt, try using one of the methods above to remove the software. Programs can easily be uninstalled from the Start Menu.

This is tool controls operating system boot. Press and hold the Shift key while clicking Restart. This will cause your PC to restart in Windows Recovery Environment . You will see a blue screen with Choose an Option at the top.